Polymerizable Surfactants – PROPERTIES AND APPLICATIONS

Hitenol® BC and Noigen® RN were developed to improve the performance of conventional surfactants in emulsion polymers. These unique polymerizable surfactants exhibit an exceptionally high degree of incorporation into the finished emulsion polymer, resulting in greatly reduced process foaming and far less residual surfactant levels in effluent streams.

The basic structure of the Noigen® RN series is polyoxyethylene alkylphenyl ether, while the Hitenol® BC series is a sulfate of that.

Existing and potential uses for these new polymerizable surfactants include paints, textiles, adhesives, paper and as emulsifiers in various other systems, including ABS resin, SB latex, and vinyl copolymer systems. The resulting products will exhibit excellent water resistance. Both the Hitenol® BC series and the Noigen® RN series can be used as direct, one-to-one substitutes for conventional emulsion polymerization surfactants.

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Hitenol AR Series – Specifications
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TSCA registration has been completed on both series of products. Some TSCA restrictions apply to certain uses. Please contact us for full details.

Four U.S. patents cover the invention and application of these unique product lines. Please contact us if you would like to receive copies of the patents.

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